VB Sharma Professional Corporation . Chartered Professional Accountants

Business Consulting

Your business works, but does it operate at maximum effectiveness?

Let us boost your organization's performance by analyzing your existing business challenges and develop improvement plans. Whether you need your business evaluated or assistance with a specific business issue, we will:

  • Streamline your business processes through effective work and authority flow by relieving "bottle-necks", resulting in improved productivity
  • Allocate maximum time towards the growth activities in your business
  • Review your IT use and needs by providing you with data processing, administrative, and computer support
  • Identify your human resources requirements to control your costs while maintaining exceptional service for your clients
  • Investigate the internal controls that may jeopardize the security within your organization
  • Develop and codify your standard operating procedures/manuals for your business's internal operation
  • Tailor a winning business relocation and expansion plan
  • Apply an effective marketing and advertising program by:
  • Identify your target markets
  • Create your "ideal customer" profile
  • Conduct the market research, profitability and growth rate
  • Analyze the distribution method and the transport logistics for your products and services
  • Advise you to diversify your business activities to sustain cyclical changes in your industry
  • Guide you to government programs such as grants and subsidies available when you develop new product lines