VB Sharma Professional Corporation . Chartered Professional Accountants


V.B. Sharma Professional Corporation offers excellent career opportunities with the prospect of working in diverse business sectors. A significant portion of our staff has achieved their career goals by taking full advantage of the challenges and opportunities presented on a daily basis. Our staff are valued members of our team and we offer rewarding professional development opportunities and experiences.

V.B. Sharma Professional Corporation is a progressive and expanding firm with a diverse client base. We are constantly searching for individuals who are interested in:

  • Being a dominant market player
  • Working in a full service firm with an advanced culture
  • Constantly evolving
  • Being committed to client service and quality
  • Annual conferences that develop relationships in a collegial environment
  • Informative seminars and workshops
  • Marketing support
  • Recruiting and human resources development
  • Regional updates and training sessions
  • Shared information

The firm that serves as the launching pad of your professional career is a vital decision that can affect the access you have to information, opportunity and choices. This decision will determine the trajectory that your career takes and the challenges you will face. From the day you join V.B. Sharma Professional Corporation you will be an integral part of our progressive team working together to focus on your knowledge, skills development, continuing professional development, technical capacity and entrepreneurial mindset. Please send us your resume and cover letter for further discussion on employment and career opportunities.