VB Sharma Professional Corporation . Chartered Professional Accountants

Corporate Tax Planning

We will provide strategies that will minimize your tax burden. We help you save on income taxes both the long-term and short-term.

We file the financial statements prepared for the corporate shareholders

  • File Corporations Tax Return
  • Provincial Corporate Income Tax
  • Installment Payments

Here are some helpful tips for your reference:

  • Time your business purchases such as inventory purchases, office supplies, bill pre-payment, repair and maintenance, travel bookings before the year-end.
  • Defer year-end income until the first week or two of January the following year
  • Write-down your goods that have been damaged or become obsolete before the year end. The reduction of the market value of these goods will equal to more deductions for your business
  • Claim any allowable deductions for business travel for work-related activities
  • Claim any educational seminars or training to improve your marketable skills for your business
  • Write off taxes incurred in day to day operations
  • Claim any real estate taxes on business properties
  • Advertising and promotions, such as corporate sponsorships can be written off.
  • Legal bills
  • If your children are old enough to work, employ them in your business by assigning tasks to them. You will be shifting a certain portion of the corporate income into a lower tax bracket.